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The Stone of the Stars (The Dragon Throne)
Series: The Dragon Throne
Volume: 1
Genre: Fantasy
ISBN: 0446690988
Pages: 496 pages
Publisher: Warner Aspect
Price: $13.95
Reader Rating: 6 out of 10
Votes: 1
The Stone of the Stars by Alison Baird

Description: The evil God-King Khalazar and his army of barbarians are ravaging the once peaceful world of Mera. Conquering and enslaving entire nations, these worshipers of the dark arts seek a legendary talisman, the Stone of the Stars, that will give Khalazar unfathomable power. But the only clues to the Stone's location are contained in an ancient scroll, which rests in the hands of four young fugitives.

Now this quartet of innocents-Ailia Shipwright, a storyteller from a small fishing village; Damion, a devoted yet troubled priest; Jomar, a runaway slave; and Lorelyn, a fearless orphaned visionary-must find and uncover the real nature of the Stone. Pursued and attacked by Khalazar and his fanatic warriors, these four travelers will journey to a long-vanished mystical isle where humans once dwelt alongside dragons. And it is here, amid the haunted ruins of a city built by a forgotten race, that their quest-and their destinies-will truly begin...


And there was the dragon, winging away over the rooftops. The body of the beast was russet-colored above and golden beneath, the sunlight glancing off its scales as though off burnished metal. The four great limbs were drawn up against its underside with the claw-tips dangling, and she saw the horned head turning this way and that, as an eagle's does when it scans the ground for prey. Then the dragon dipped one wing and banked, and she saw the sharp dorsal scales, like a row of spearheads all along its spine; and the flat scales flanking them were not russet but red as blood, or roses, or rubies.

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