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Newton's Wake (Misc)
Series: Misc
Genre: SF
ISBN: 1841491756
Pages: 384 pages
Publisher: Orbit
Price: £17.99
Reader Rating: Not rated
Newton's Wake by Ken MacLeod

Description: Bustling Sagittarius City is based on the outer edges of humanity, the colony's founders having fled several millennia ago from sentient AIs and their anti-human war. However, this seems ancient history indeed to today's inhabitants . Lucinda Carlyle is a mining engineer/academic investigating the geological strata beneath Sagittarius City. Here she discovers the remains of an alien civilisation - dated millions of years previously. Excitement turns to consternation when it is revealed that this civilisation, too, fell victim to its own war machines, which may still be a threat. Benjamin Ben-Ami is trying to orchestrate a spectacular show on the city's origins. He is drawn to the story of two popular icons of the Returner faction. In their day, they advocated returning to earth, to fight and reclaim their world. They are rejuvenated through salvaged stored memories, fueling a building thirst for revenge against humanity's AI enemy. However, the excavations have triggered the ancient alien war machines and a series of escalating space battles ensures . will anyone be left to return to earth?
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