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Conan the Raider (Conan)
Series: Conan
Genre: Fantasy
ISBN: 0812542568
Pages: 276 pages
Publisher: Tor
Price: 6.95
Reader Rating: Not rated
Conan the Raider by Leonard Carpenter

Description: In the ancient land of Shem, Conan joins with tomb-robbers to loot the untold wealth piled up in the huge royal mausoleum, yet so simple a decision enmeshes the mighty Cimmerian in intrigues and danger on every side. Nitokar, devious queen of Shem. Zafriti, sultry Stygian dancer. Afrit, beautiful young princess and rebel. Each wants Conan - as a man, and as a tool to carry out her designs. Sentenced to slave at buildinig out the greatest tomb Shem has ever seen, condemned to death in the Court Games, Conan finds himself confronting the evil plans of the Necromancer Horaspes, who would rule kingdoms beyond life. To survive, Conan of Cimmeria must conquer the Armies of the Dead; to fail means the death of the world.

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