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The Ship Who Saved the Worlds (The Ship Series)
Series: The Ship Series
Genre: SF
ISBN: 0743471717
Publisher: Baen Books
Reader Rating: Not rated
The Ship Who Saved the Worlds by Anne McCaffrey & Jody Lynne Nye

Description: Two complete novels in one huge volume: The Ship Who Won: Like Helva, the Ship Who Sang, Carialle was born severely physically disadvantaged; and like Helva, Carialle decided she would strap on a spaceship. Her brawn is a guy named Keff. Searching the galaxy for intelligent beings, they found fuzzy little aliens, polite and eager to please. Unfortunately, they were slaves to a race of sorcerers, who possess powers of frightening potency, and who were neither polite nor the least bit eager to please.

The Ship Errant: Carialle and Keff had succeeded in liberating the “globe-frogs” from their servitude to dictatorial humans, but now they must return them from whence they came. And to get there, they must transit a sector where Carialle was stopped and boarded, experiencing a trauma so intense it nearly destroyed her mind. And it’s beginning to look as if the beings who caused this are the very globe-frogs they have just made friends with. . . .

Also in this series are The City and The Ship, THE SHIP WHO SANG, Partnership, The Ship who Searched, The City who Fought, The Ship Who Won Return to the Anne McCaffrey page, Jody Lynne Nye page.

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