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The Changeling Plague (Misc)
Series: Misc
Genre: SF
ISBN: 0451459105
Pages: 336 pages
Publisher: Roc
Price: $6.99
Reader Rating: Not rated
The Changeling Plague by Syne Mitchell

Description: The Beijing Treaty of 2035, passed unanimously by the nations of the civilized world, prohibits genetic engineering, believed responsible for planetary plagues that decimated the human population. Geneticists nevertheless continue to engage in illegal experimentation with DNA…

William Allen is a millionaire, able to buy everything his heart desires. But the one thing he hasn’t been able to buy is a cure for the cystic fibrosis that is slowly killing him. The disease that is destroying his lungs is immune to every known—every legal—medical cure. Now, desperate and scared, with nothing left to lose, William becomes a human guinea pig—injecting himself with an untried viral treatment designed to reprogram his DNA.

Successfully cured, William is the picture of perfect health. But those in contact with him begin to suffer from extraordinary diseases and deformities that are hereditary in nature—even though they have no history of such ailments in their families.

The virus William carries is rewriting the DNA of everyone he encounters.

And it’s spreading.
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