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Gate of Ivory, Gate of Horn (Mythago)
Series: Mythago
Genre: Fantasy
ISBN: 0743440803
Publisher: Earthlight
Price: £6.99
Reader Rating: Not rated
Gate of Ivory, Gate of Horn by Robert Holdstock

Description: Ryhope Wood, prehistoric and untouched since the Ice Age, is an enchanted world where mythic images - mythagos - come to life, preserved for millennia by human imagination and memories. It is a place from which few who venture inwards ever return.

George Huxley, who first understood the nature of Ryhope, disappeared long ago.
Now his son, Christian, mirroring the fate of his brother Steven in Mythago Wood, is drawn into Ryhope in an attempt to find Guiwenneth, the haunting mythago who has held a special allure for all the men of the Huxley family.

His quest, however, in the company of a wild Celtic warlord and his Legion of rogue heroes, is more complex: he searches for his dead mother and for the father whose obsession has cost the family so much. Dramatically drawn, Gate of Ivory, Gate of Horn is in many ways the most fantastical of the entire series, replete with mythic archetypes, dark humour, and the mysterious atmosphere that marks the Mythago books as amongst the very best in the field.

Also in this series are Lavondyss, Mythago Wood, The Bone Forest, The Hollowing Return to the Robert Holdstock page.

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