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Tomorrow Happens (Misc)
Series: Misc
Genre: Other
Publisher: -NESFA
Price: $25
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Tomorrow Happens by David Brin

Description: -On his web site, writer-scientist David Brin notes of the so-rapidly (some would argue too rapidly) changing world in which we live, "The pace of quickening events may seem unnerving, yet humans evolved an amazing capacity to deal with change and make the best of things. We're an adaptable species." Certainly, David's writing displays an "amazing capacity" to look into the past, present, and future of civilized humankind and see the foundation, the emerging us, and where we might be tomorrow and the millennium after.
Tomorrow Happens is an insightful, quicksilver romp through David's own mind. In the 20 essays, short stories, and little wonders in this book, David will take you from the worlds of Galileo Galilei and Jules Verne, through thoughtful explorations of Orwell and Tolkien, and on into tomorrows that just may happen.


Introduction by Vernor Vinge Aficionado (fiction)
Probing the Near Future (essay)
Stones of Significance (fiction)
Go Ahead, Stand on My Shoulders! (essay)
Reality Check (fiction)
The Future Keeps Surprising Us (essay)
Paris Conquers All (with Gregory Benford) (fiction)
The Self-Preventing Prophecy (essay)
Fortitude (fiction)
Do We Really Want Immortality? (essay)
The Diplomacy Guild (fiction)
Goodbye, Mir! (Sniff!) (essay)
The Open-Ended Science Fiction Story (essay + ficton)
News from 2025 (fiction)
Seeking a New Fulcrum (essay)
A Professor at Harvard (fiction)
The Robots and Foundation Universe (essay)
An Ever-Reddening Glow (fiction)
We Hobbits Are a Merry Folk (essay)
The Other Side of the Hill (fiction)
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