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Jacob Evans (Misc)
Series: Misc
Volume: 1
Genre: Other
ISBN: 0971866201
Pages: 245 pages
Publisher: Twilight Books
Price: 10.00
Reader Rating: Not rated
Jacob Evans by Steven Manchester

Description: -Containing thirty-eight complete stories, this unique collection begins with the birth of Jacob Evans and ends with his death. Individually, everything from heart-warming (romance/spiritual) to bone chilling (suspense/macabre) can be found - each standing firmly on its own. Collectively, however, these thirty-eight glimpses of life become a simple story of one man’s journey, with all the complexities that make such a trip worthwhile.

Considering the time constraints of today’s busy schedules, Jacob Evans was written as the perfect lunchtime (or even bathroom) reading, and the idea has caught on – each short story tied to the next by the slightest thread, eventually forming a novel.
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