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Pomegranates Full and Fine (World of Darkness)
Series: World of Darkness
Genre: Fantasy
Publisher: White Wolf
Reader Rating: Not rated
Pomegranates Full and Fine by Don Bassingthwaite

Description: Highsummer Night, the greatest of holidays for changelings...

Drawn to the Unseelie Court of Toronto to help her friend Riley organize the Highsummer Party, Tango arrives to discover Riley missing. Her search for clues to his whereabouts leads her to a pack of Sabat vampires on a grisly murder spree.

Tango begins to unravel the many mysteries in Toronto, and in the process makes a very unlikely ally. She will need all the help she can get as Highsummer's Eve draws near!

Also in this series are As One Dead Return to the Don Bassingthwaite page.

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