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Conan: The Road of Kings (Conan)
Series: Conan
Genre: Fantasy
ISBN: 0765340208
Pages: 208 pages
Publisher: Tor
Price: 5.99
Reader Rating: 10 out of 10
Votes: 1
Conan: The Road of Kings by Karl Edward Wagner

Description: Facing the gallows for defending his honor-by killing the captain of the guard-the mighty Conan jumps feet first into a rescue attempt of one of his fellow prisoners. When Conan learns his rescuers are the daring rebels of the White Rose, he joins their blood-soaked insurrection.

But Conan's struggles are only beginning, for the road to the throne is defended by the Final Guard-indestructible warriors made of stone. Conan must draw steel against these indomitable foes and pray that Crom will guide his blade both strong and true.
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