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Heris Serrano (Misc)
Series: Misc
Genre: SF
ISBN: 0743435524
Publisher: Baen
Reader Rating: 7 out of 10
Votes: 3
Heris Serrano by Elizabeth Moon


Heris Serrano was an officer from a family with a long tradition of distinguished service in the Fleet. So when a treacherous superior set her up and forced her to resign her commission, she thought life had lost all meaning. But she still needed to pay the bills—which was how she ended up as 'Captain' of a rich old lady's interstellar luxury yacht, the Sweet Delight, which just added insult to injury ... or so she thought.

But Cecelia, the rich and exceedingly well-born old lady, turned out to have more brains than most admirals Heris had known, and when the pair ran into a secret society whose idea of 'fun' was hunting and killing people, they quickly put a stop to that blood sport. But that was only the beginning. The heir to the throne himself was involved with the society, and Heris soon uncovered a plot against the royal family and a conspiracy within the Fleet itself. And whoever controlled the Fleet controlled the galaxy . . .

Before it was all over, Heris would be given a chance to rejoin her beloved space navy ... if she could manage to stop an invading armada with only one destroyer, two PT boats, one ore scow, and—oh, yes—an old lady's space yacht Sweet Delight. Impossible? Not for Heris Serrano.

Publisher's Note: Heris Serrano has been previously published in parts as Hunting Party, Sporting Chance and Winning Colors. This is the first publication of the trilogy in one volume.
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