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Yesterday's Dreams (eternal Cycle)
Series: eternal Cycle
Genre: Fantasy
ISBN: 1587761122
Pages: 236 pages
Publisher: Vivisphere Publishing
Price: 16.00
Reader Rating: Not rated
Yesterday's Dreams by Danielle Ackley-McPhail

Description: History... Legacy... Destiny...

Eight-year-old Kara O’Keefe hadn't known the legacy her beloved Grandda left her with his passing. All she knew was he'd no long tell her enchanting tales of ancient Ireland and the Sidhe or push her to find that brilliant, swirling point deep inside that made her music magical. All she knew was she had lost her greatest treasure.

Kara discovers at twenty-three that she was wrong as she is abruptly confronted with the wealth, and weight, of her fantastic inheritance…and the threat of losing her father next.

At Yesterday’s Dreams, a pawnshop tucked away on a quiet Soho street, Kara discovers her true legacy, her own inner power, and destiny and danger both begin to stalk her. Having already sacrificed her chance at Julliard, she is now forced to give up Quicksilver, her cherished violin and the only material link with her long-gone Grandda, Kara’s selfless sacrifice becomes the key to her fate.

Confused by the radical turn her life has taken and pursued by malevolent forces she does not understand, Kara O’Keefe must trust in a dead man she loved but never truly knew and Maggie McCormick, the living myth charged with helping her survive. Has she inherited the tenacious strength of her Celtic ancestors, or would she fall beneath the onslaught of uncompromising Fate ?

Also in this series are Yesterday's Dreams (revised and updated edition), Tomorrow's Memories, Today's Promise Return to the Danielle Ackley-McPhail page.

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