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The Aliens Are Coming! (Star Trek)
Series: Star Trek
Genre: SF
ISBN: 0743464540
Publisher: Pocket Books
Price: $1.00
Reader Rating: Not rated
The Aliens Are Coming! by Dayton Ward

Description: 1969: Captain John Christopher of the U.S. Air Force has just returned from a most peculiar mission to investigate a UFO sighting. But even though the mission took only a few minutes, the captain has vague memory flashes of futuristic humans, a pointy-eared alien named Spock, and a ship called The U.S.S. Enterprise...

Government agent James Wainwright has waited for this fateful day ever since he encountered the conquering Ferengi Marauders Quark, Rom, and Nog in Roswell in 1947. Now he will stop at nothing to use Captain Christopher's secret knowledge to bring his campaign to defend Earth against alien attack to the forefront once again!

A dramatic sequel to classic Star Trek episodes from two generations by the critically acclaimed author of In the Name of Honor!

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