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To Trade the Stars (The Trade Pact Universe)
Series: The Trade Pact Universe
Volume: 3
Genre: SF
ISBN: 0756400759
Pages: 479 pages
Publisher: DAW Books Inc
Price: 6.99
Reader Rating: 8 out of 10
Votes: 1
To Trade the Stars by Julie Czerneda

Description: Jason and Sira - he a human telepath and independent trader, she now Speaker for the Clan Council, as well as Jason's life partner - are trying to forge a life for themselves free of the demands of both the Clan and the Drapsk, a race determined to claim Sira as the long-awaited Mystic One. And as if these conflicting deamnds aren't making life complicated enough, there are at least two other factions with far more dangerous intentions seeking them out.

Any hope Sira and Jaosn have of charting their own course seems likely to vanish forever when they are unexpectedly caught in a conflict between the Drapsk and a mysterious race that dwells in the M'hir. With all of their energies directed toward this crisis, will they become easy prey for those among the Clan and the Humans, who are already mobilizing to take advantage of the coming conflict?

Enter the final chapter of the Trade Pact Trilogy.

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