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City of the Dead (Resident Evil)
Series: Resident Evil
Volume: 3
Genre: Horror
ISBN: 0671024418
Pages: 288 pages
Publisher: Pocket Books
Price: £4.99
Reader Rating: 9 out of 10
Votes: 13
City of the Dead by S. D. Perry

Description: Bring on the night...

Leon Kennedy: an energetic and eager rookie cop looking forward to starting a new life in Raccoon City, only to find the town strangely deserted…the eerie evening silence broken only by an occasional footstep in the shadows, and the faint, unearthly moan of something close by....

Claire Redfield: the resourceful but reckless younger sister of Chris Redfield, one of the missing former members of the RPD's special S.T.A.R.S. unit. Claire has come to Raccoon to find Chris at any cost, and to learn what really happened the night her brother's team stormed an isolated mansion deep in Raccoon Forest. But what she uncovers will raise only more questions, and put Chris' fate in doubt....

For on this night, Raccoon City has become a necropolis. In a secret lab for beneath its once-bustling streets, a botched attempt by the Umbrella Corporation to retrieve a devastating mutagenic weapon has resulted in a horrifying viral outbreak, transforming every man, woman, and child in the city into one of the living dead. And all of them are hungry.

Claire and Leon have one chance to save themselves: get to RPD headquarters and find some means of escape. But others have sought refuge in the precinct as well, and not all of them are on the same side...

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