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Unicorn Mountain (Misc)
Series: Misc
Genre: Fantasy
ISBN: 0877959536
Publisher: Arbor House/William Morrow
Reader Rating: 7 out of 10
Votes: 1
Unicorn Mountain by Michael Bishop

Description: Unicorn Mountain is the story of four people whose lives are transformed by a band of unicorns. Each one of them is enmeshed in the grinding anxieties of daily life: Libby Quarrels is a divorced rancher in the Colorado mountains, just getting by, and unsure about how to react to the fact that she sometimes sees unicorns up in the high valley; Bo Gavin is an Atlanta adman who is gay and has AIDS, who has no one to turn to until Libby takes him in; Sam Coldpony, a Ute Indian and Libby's ranch hand, is estranged from his wife and daughter and has an uncomfortable feeling that he deserves supernatural punishment; Paisley Coldpony, Sam's daughter, is literally haunted by her mother, a recent suicide, and feels the call to become the true shaman of her tribe - a big burden for a teenager in a small-town high school. And then there are the unicorns.

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