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Yendi (Vlad Taltos)
Series: Vlad Taltos
Volume: 2
Genre: Fantasy
ISBN: 0441944604
Publisher: Ace
Reader Rating: 9 out of 10
Votes: 10
Yendi by Steven Brust

Description: This novel continues the Vlad Taltos series. The main character is Vlad Taltos, a human assassin who works within the Jhereg organisation. The Jhereg family is a, mafia-like, renegade clan in the Dragaeran world where Vlad has made a life for himself. Dragearan's are non-human beings similar to humans but taller and afforded sorcereous powers from their link to their Emperor's Orb.

This volume tells the tale of how Vlad met his wife, when she killed him. Each volume of the series is titled after a Dragearan clan, which is usually central to the story.

This is the second Brust novel I have tried so I cannot form a complete opinion of his work. The plot move at a fast pace with he action fast and furious, like the first volume did. It holds the readers attention from cover to cover, with complex plots that Vlad must solve like a detective. In Yendi we learn a bit more of Vlad's world and it's history.

If there is anyway I can be critical of the book it would be its size, which is half the size of most other authors novels. I am looking forward to Brust's next Vlad book, which I think will be "Teckla".

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