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Pmat (The Kaska Trilogy)
Series: The Kaska Trilogy
Volume: 2
Genre: SF
ISBN: 0595191207
Pages: 369 pages
Publisher: -Writers Club Press
Price: 19.95
Reader Rating: Not rated
Pmat by William Alan Rieser

Description: -Pmat, the sequel to Gam, is the 2nd novel in The Kaska Trilogy. The Tunkati appeal to Kaska for help in locating Pmat, their home planet, that has mysteriously disappeared. In doing so, they encounter the Rhymp, a strange extragalactic alien that is freezing to death every life form in its path. They are a sonic species and have no concept of sight, nor do they recognize any life that differs from themselves. Fate provides another species, the Laikem, whose lone warrior rises out of the Gam surface to battle the intruders and befriend both Kaska and the Tunkati. Pmat, having been deliberately hidden to avoid the Rhymp, becomes trapped in the illumination of a poisonous sun, driving its Corim mad and its Tunkati mindless. The resulting chaos foments into civil war when a prophesied savior appears to salvage the situation with Kaska's assistance. Kaska, who once cherished solitude, find himself married with hybrid children, Corim of a Tunkati commune and depended upon by many cultures for his human cunning and insight.

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