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Ship of Ghosts (Farscape)
Series: Farscape
Volume: 3
Genre: SF
ISBN: 0752272330
Pages: 257 pages
Publisher: Boxtree
Price: £5.99
Reader Rating: Not rated
Ship of Ghosts by David Bischoff

Description: Based on the charachters from the BBC's new sci-fi series made by the Jim Henson Company, this outer space adventure follows Crichton and his shipmates during their adventures in an alien galaxy. John Crichton, Earth astronout lost in a universe he never made, would have answered the distress call for altruistic reasons alone. However his desperate alien shipmate fugitives on the livinh ship called Moya had other plans. Survival! Then Rygel recognized the ships markings. This race knew the starways like the back of its ventral tentacle! However, inside the alien ship the crew found instead a mystery wrapped up in an enigma and shunted into a ghost-universe. Would Crichton, the wandering Earthman, Rygel XVI the power mad schemer, Ka D'Argo the haunted warrior, Pa'u Zotoh the exotic blue priestess and Aeryn Sun the Peacemaker at war with herself, find the key that would take them home? Or would the Ship of Dreams and ghosts add their troubled souls to its grisly collection in a galaxy beyond Death itself?
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