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Path to Truth (Star Wars: Jedi Quest)
Series: Star Wars: Jedi Quest
Volume: 3
Genre: SF
ISBN: 0439242045
Pages: 170 pages
Publisher: Scholastic Trade
Price: $12.95
Reader Rating: 8 out of 10
Votes: 4
Path to Truth by Jude Watson

Description: A must-have read for all Star Wars fans, this is the amazing, exclusive story bridging the years between Episode I and the eagely awaited Episode II. Anakin Skywalker is now twelve and a star apprentice at the Jedi Temple. His Jedi Master, Obi-Wan Kenobi, is concerned about Anakin¹s darker instincts. But he has no idea what is soon to come. After a pilgrimage to a sacred Jedi site to build Anakin¹s lightsaber, the two are sent on a mission to defeat an evil space pirate with a tie to Anakin¹s slave past. On the mission, Anakin shows his Jedi gifts but his actions also foreshadow the darker fate that awaits him.

Also in this series are The Way of the Apprentice, The Trail of the Jedi, The Master of Disguise, The School of Fear, Moment of Truth, The Shadow Trap, Changing of the Guard, The False Peace, The Final Showdown Return to the Jude Watson page.

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