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Tales of Known Space (collection) (Known Space)
Series: Known Space
Genre: SF
Reader Rating: 6 out of 10
Votes: 2
Tales of Known Space (collection) by Larry Niven

Description: Contains "At the Bottom of a Hole", "Becalmed in Hell", "The Borderland of Sol", "Cloak of Anarchy", "The Coldest Place", "Eye of an Octopus", "How the Heroes Die", "Intent to Deceive", "The Jigsaw Man", "Safe at Any Speed", "There Is a Tide", "Wait It Out" and "The Warriors",

Also contains a Bibliography of Larry Niven's work (as of 1975) and a Timeline for Known Space.

Also in this series are A Gift from Earth, A Hole In Space (collection), Convergent Series (collection), Neutron Star (collection), N-Space, Protector, The Long Arm of Gil Hamilton (collection), World of Ptaavs Return to the Larry Niven page.

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