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Glitterspike Hall (The Heirs to Gnarlsmyre)
Series: The Heirs to Gnarlsmyre
Volume: 1
Genre: Fantasy
Publisher: Fontana Paperbacks
Reader Rating: 8 out of 10
Votes: 2
Glitterspike Hall by Mike Jefferies

Description: From his ancient palace high above the twisting narrow streets of the city of Glor and the treacherous frozen marshes of Gnarlsmyre, Miresnare, Lord of the Glitterspike, rules with an iron hand. But his days are numbered and he has no son - only countless daughters in a world where women are worthless.

It is the eve of the Allbeast feast and Marrimian, first-born of the daughters of the hall, directs the final preperations for the annual joust, when the barbarous Marshlords compete for her hand, and the lands that are her dowry. But this year the wisemen fortell the Marshlord's victory and the end of Miresnare's power....unless he changes the rules. The new joust will leave his daughters in poverty; it will bring misery and chaos to Gnarlsmyre.....but Lord Miresnare will sacrifice anything to keep his throne.

Outraged by her life of oppression, wouded by her father's treachery, Marrimian is determined to compete for his throne, to win her rightful inheritance and free the hate-bound land.

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