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The Jesus Incident ('Ship' Series)
Series: 'Ship' Series
Volume: 2
Genre: SF
Reader Rating: 9 out of 10
Votes: 13
The Jesus Incident by Frank Herbert & Bill Ransom

Description: I can't think of a more terrifying world than Pandora, Herbert's world of weird and deadly animals and mutant clones, all created at the whim of Ship, the accidental god-machine from his novel Destination:Void. Again, Herbert places his poor charaters in a constant and dire struggle for survival, only this time it's not just humans who want to stay alive. The whole drama plays out under the watch of the sometimes benevolant, sometimes indifferent, but always inscrutable Ship, who has become man's (and clone's) computer-God of his own creation.

What foresight Herbert had to present such a world of biological science and ecological destruction gone mad that foreshadows our own time.

A real treat for wild sci-fi fans. Look for it in used book stores. It's worth it!

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