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Rules of Conflict (Misc)
Series: Misc
Volume: 2
Genre: SF
ISBN: ISBN:038080784X
Publisher: -Avon Eos Books
Reader Rating: 8 out of 10
Votes: 7
Rules of Conflict by Kristine Smith

Description: Jani Kilian knows what she faces if the Commonwealth Service ever catches up with her-execution for the murder of Rikart Neumann. Even though Neumann masterminded the horrific events at the idomeni hospital at Knevçet Shèràa, he was still her commanding officer, and Service justice must be served.

The evidence against Jani is formidable, and she knows her ex-lover, Evan van Reuter, is supplying her accusers with more. But she's grown tired of running, tired of changing names. Most disturbingly, however, she's also gravely ill, and the fact that only physicians from the Neoclona medical conglomerate can treat her leaves her vulnerable to discovery. When desperation drives her to seek medical treatment, her cover is quickly blown. Recaptured and returned to Earth, she knows it's only a matter of time before she faces the Fort Sheridan firing squad.

Evan van Reuter agreed to give evidence against his former lover in exchange for leniency for his own crimes. Facing multiple murder charges, having lost his standing, prestige, and power, he has one thing left of value-his memory of crimes past.

And then there's Sam Duong. Sam works as a civilian documents archivist at Fort Sheridan, but he's in danger of losing his position since he's developed a medical problem that affects his memory. To his doctor's consternation, however, he refuses treatment. Sam fears doctors, although he can't remember why. Sometimes, he can't remember his name. Other times, he thinks he's someone else, someone Jani Kilian would be very interested in meeting.
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