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Nightchild (The Chronicles of the Raven)
Series: The Chronicles of the Raven
Volume: 3
Genre: Fantasy
ISBN: 0575072156
Pages: 484 pages
Publisher: Orion Paperbacks
Price: £9.99
Reader Rating: 8 out of 10
Votes: 11
Nightchild by James Barclay

Description: Five years have passed since the Raven saved Balaia. But as Balaia pulls itself back together nature seems set to pull it apart with storms and tidal waves. The disturbance is centred on one person: Denser and Etienne's daughter, who is four years old and learning to control her massive powers.

It begins with a tidal wave . . .

There is a new power coming. It will sweep aside the four colleges of magic in a massive outpouring of manna. It is the power of the land and it has manifested itself in Lyanna, a five year old girl. If, unknowing, she unleashes her power she will destroy Balaia.

Fearful of the future, desperate to maintain their influence, the colleges will do anything to control the child. Or failing that kill her.

Terrified, the child's mother takes her into hiding. And as the hunt for them goes on the child is testing her power and nature is turning on Balaia.

The girl's father knows that he is the only one who can find her. He is Denser, of the Raven. The child's mother is Erienne. But can even The Raven find Erienne? And if they do find her what should they do? Lyanna is ripping the world apart, thousands are dying.

Can The Raven afford to let her live?

NIGHTCHILD sets Raven against Raven as untamed magic rips Balaia apart.

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