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Path of Glory (Battletech)
Series: Battletech
Volume: 49
Genre: SF
Publisher: Roc
Price: $5.99
Reader Rating: 6 out of 10
Votes: 6
Path of Glory by Randall N. Bills

Description: Defeated by the Inner Sphere in the Great Refusal, the Clans turned their aggression against the Nova Cats, casting them out of Clan society for fighting alongside the new Star League - and against their own. Enraged at the Nova Cats' treachery, they launch an assault to exterminate the traitors, and only a handful of Cats escape the slaughter.

Fleeing from his life on the Clan home worlds and arriving in an Inner Sphere he had been taught to hate, MechWarrior Zane feels adrift, seeking to understand his orphaned Clan and himself. Unwilling to accept the path the Nova Cats have chosen - to live with the people of House Kurita, where the Nova Cats now call home - he searches for a way to alter their course and return his Clan to its lost glory. At the same time, machinations within the Draconis Combine threaten the stability of his Clan - and the entire Inner Sphere.
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