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Murphy's Gambit (Misc)
Series: Misc
Genre: SF
ISBN: 0451458095
Publisher: Roc
Reader Rating: Not rated
Murphy's Gambit by Syne Mitchell

Description: Thiadora Murphy was born a floater, a human raised in zero-gravity, part of an outcast segment of society that works in space for the Corporations as little more than indentured servants. Eager to put her past behind her, Murphy has spent the past six years adapting to the rigors of life in gravity, among the 'normal' population, and is about to graduate from the military academy as a top pilot. But floater prejudice and distrust are everywhere, and Murphy's promising career is cut short by sabotage.

Now, her options nonexistent and her survival at stake, Murphy must accept the offer of a powerful Corporation to pilot the mysterious and experimental spacecraft, the Gambit. And the Gambit's dangerous secret will bring her back to the floater community she left behind, a legacy she didn't want, and a revolution she cannot prevent…
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