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Divide and Conquer (Champions of Elonia)
Series: Champions of Elonia
Volume: 1
Genre: Fantasy
ISBN: 9781771551755
Publisher: Champagne Books
Price: 5.39
Reader Rating: Not rated
Divide and Conquer by Carmen Fox

Description: Flung from her mundane Seattle existence into a world of magic, scientist Lea struggles to make sense of a destiny she doesn?t want. The moment she finds comfort in the arms of a man who appreciates her inner nerd, a new magic sweeps the realms.

Nieve, Lea?s instructor, may be seasoned in the art of war, but she?s clueless when it comes to romance. To save her world, she allies herself with her enemy, a kindred warrior soul, who leaves no doubt he?s after more than her cooperation.

As each tick of the clock swallows another person?s memory, Lea and Nieve will do anything to hang on to theirs, but betrayal drives a wedge in their friendship. Can they reconcile and rally the troops before the magic wipes out their pasts?
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