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Paradise Tales: and Other Stories (Misc)
Series: Misc
Genre: SF
ISBN: 193152064X
Pages: 320 pages
Publisher: Small Beer Press
Price: $16.00
Reader Rating: Not rated
Paradise Tales: and Other Stories by Geoff Ryman

Description: Geoff Ryman writes about the other and leaves us dissected in the process. His stories are set in recognizable places—London, Cambodia, tomorrow—and feature men and women caught in recognizable situations or technologies and not sure which way to turn. They, we, should obviously choose what's right. But what if that's difficult? What will we do? What we should, or . . . ?

Paradise Tales builds on the success of his most recent novel, The King's Last Song, and on the three Cambodian stories included here, The Last Ten Years of the Hero Kai, Blocked, and the exceedingly-popular Pol Pot's Beautiful Daughter. Paradise Tales includes stories selected from the many periods of Ryman’s career including Birth Days, Omnisexual, The Film-makers of Mars, and a new story, K is for Kosovo or, Massimo’s Career.

To complement this first full-length short story collection, Small Beer Press is reprinting Ryman's backlist: Was, The Child Garden, and a book of four novellas, The Unconquered Countries, with new introductions to continue to build the readership of one of the most fascinating writers exploring the edges of being, gender, science, and fiction.
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