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Honor Bound (Tales of Sevrin)
Series: Tales of Sevrin
Volume: 2
Genre: Fantasy
Reader Rating: Not rated
Honor Bound by Elaine Cunningham

Description: Every battle has an aftermath, every successful quest marks the start of a new path. In the second book of the Tales of Sevrin series, a band of thieves prepares to return the Thorn, a weapon of great power, to the elfin people. But Honor, the elf to whom the Thorn was entrusted, is still bound to the alchemist who imprisoned her, betrayed her. Altered her.

Across the islands of Sevrin, alchemists are meeting colorful and mysterious ends. The primary suspect is the ghost of Fox Winterborn, a thief who attacked an alchemist's stronghold and, in full sight of many witnesses, fell to his death in the rock-strewn sea. But Fox is very much alive, torn between his vow to return the Thorn to the elves of the mainland forests and his desire to control his own story. Fox has long dreamed of ending the Council of Adepts' rule, but his dreams conflict with his growing awareness that leading a rebellion is far more complicated than the storyspinners' tales suggest.

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