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Penny Serenade (Tokens of the Heart)
Series: Tokens of the Heart
Genre: Other
ISBN: B007464RUW
Publisher: Books We Love
Price: 2.99
Reader Rating: Not rated
Penny Serenade by Ann Cory


When Audrey Kessler opened her new age shop, Tokens of the Heart, she never expected it to be such a success. While her life is all about being neat and orderly, she hasn’t found much success in the other areas of her life. Mainly love. Enter Dominic Blume, a jack-of-all-trades, who in one day manages to capture her attention and draw her ire. Preferring to play things safe, Audrey does her best to focus on her business and ignore the way her body ignites whenever Dominic is near. But when she needs a strong, warm body to comfort her after atraumatic event, Audrey worries that she has succeeded too well at keeping Dominic away.

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