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Trinity Moon (Wild Hunt Trilogy)
Series: Wild Hunt Trilogy
Volume: 2
Genre: Fantasy
ISBN: 0575096187
Pages: 360 pages
Publisher: Orion Hardbacks
Price: $24.99
Reader Rating: Not rated
Trinity Moon by Elspeth Cooper

Description: The displaced Nimrothi clans have elected a Chief of Chiefs to lead them into battle against the Empire with the Wild Hunt at their head. Only Teia, with her untrained talent of foretelling, can see the chief's plan spells disaster for her people. Desperate, she flees into the winter snows to seek the one force that has stood against the massed clan warband and prevailed: the Empire's iron men.
In the blistering southern deserts, Gair and Alderan seek clues to the location of the starseed that represents their only hope of securing the Veil - and in the wrong hands, the greatest threat to its safety. When disaster strikes, Gair returns to the north, battling not only with grief but with himself: his grasp on his powers is failing, and it is only a matter of time before they consume him completely.
The Warlord, a clansman of Arennor, insists that the Nimrothi threat is real, and in defiance of the Imperial Council and the Emperor himself, musters a scant legion of soldiers to re-garrison the three border fortresses against imminent attack. As the Nimrothi warband, forty thousand strong, marches on the rich lands of the Empire, only a thousand men - and one wounded gaeden - stand to oppose them. If they fail, the Wild Hunt will ride.

Also in this series are Songs of the Earth, The Dragon House Return to the Elspeth Cooper page.

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