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Deep State (Misc)
Series: Misc
Genre: SF
ISBN: 0316098043
Pages: 416 pages
Publisher: Orbit
Price: $13.99
Reader Rating: Not rated
Deep State by Walter Jon Williams

Description: Dagmar Shaw is one of the world’s hottest designers of alternate reality games. She is the Puppetmaster and thousands of gamers are dancing on her strings. But when the campaign she is running in Turkey comes into conflict with the new, brutal regime, she realises that games can have very real consequences.

When an old friend approaches Dagmar with a project so insane, so ambitious, she can’t possibly say no, she is plunged into a world of spies and soldiers. A nation hangs in the balance and in a world of intrigue and betrayal, the master player must face the possibility that she has, herself, been played.

Dagmar is the Puppetmaster, but when the bullets are real and her ‘puppets’ start dying, is any cause worth it?
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