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Legends of the Dragonrealm (Dragonrealm Omnibus)
Series: Dragonrealm Omnibus
Genre: Fantasy
ISBN: 1439107009
Pages: 704 pages
Publisher: Pocket
Price: $18.00
Reader Rating: Not rated
Legends of the Dragonrealm by Richard A. Knaak

Description: FIREDRAKE

In an empire ruled by the shape-shifting Dragon Kings, an ordinary youth with a formidable legacy becomes the target of their vengeance. But the drake lords who hunt Cabe Bedlam may not be his worst threat, for the very powers he must call upon and learn to wield - the same powers that destroyed his grandfather and turned his father to darkness - may ultimately engulf him and the entire land.


The Dragon Empire has collapsed into chaos under the magic of the wizard Cabe Bedlam, and the remaining drake lords vie for control over the world of man. When the fallen emperor's son calls upon the Ice Dragon to inflict revenge against Cabe, the most dread of the Dragon Kings unleashes a fury of cataclysmic proportions. Now the young wizard must journey to a distant, frozen land to save mankind - and perhaps the drakes themselves - from utter destruction.


Shipwrecked long ago on the Dragonrealm, Cabe Bedlam's half-human friend, the Gryphon, emerged to liberate much of the land from the tyrannical drake lords. Now, haunted by the menacing words of an old foe, he journeys to the domain of the ebony-armored wolf raiders. But as he uncovers his forgotten origins, the Gryphon unwittingly awakens the powers of an empire...and suffers the wrath of its savage god.

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