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The Prisoner (Misc)
Series: Misc
Genre: SF
ISBN: 0553591630
Pages: 416 pages
Publisher: Spectra
Price: $7.99
Reader Rating: Not rated
The Prisoner by Carlos J Cortes

Description: In the year 2039, the prison population is not only taxing the judicial system's resources, it's also getting out of control. In an effort to relieve the problems of a beleaguered corrections department, the United States passes a law changing incarceration to hibernation—no mess, no noise, no problem. And, just as important, no breakouts.

Until now.

For the first time in ten years, a prisoner has escaped—broken out in a complex scheme that is designed to shine a light on the government corruption that landed him on ice in the first place... and the horrors of being trapped in a government "sugar cube," one of the massive cryonic facilities where prisoners are stored. With the police and hired guns on the fugitive's trail, this elite team of prison-breakers must traverse the literal underground in order to expose the government and truly earn their freedom.
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