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Beyond the Wall of Time (The Broken Man)
Series: The Broken Man
Volume: 3
Genre: Fantasy
ISBN: 031600717X
Pages: 720 pages
Publisher: Orbit
Price: $7.99
Reader Rating: Not rated
Beyond the Wall of Time by Russell Kirkpatrick

Description: The wall of time has fallen, leaving the Gods free to indulge their hunger for violence. Few know of their escape into mortal lands - and these few struggle against the control of the malevolent mage Husk and with their own problems.

Queen Stella, still in hiding, must make a deal with the Undying Man. His word is suspect, but her options are limited. Fisherman Noetos seeks revenge for the deaths of his loved ones, not yet realising the enemy is closer than even he can imagine. And the unconventional cosmographer Lenares is the only one with the power to prevent the Gods destroying the world - if she can get someone to believe her.

The queen, fisherman and cosmographer must travel to Andratan to confront Husk. But whether they can break free of his hold on them, and defeat the Gods, is another matter entirely.

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