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Grand Junction (Misc)
Series: Misc
Genre: SF
ISBN: 0345499948
Pages: 592 pages
Publisher: Del Rey
Price: $18.00
Reader Rating: Not rated
Grand Junction by Maurice G. Dantec

Description: Visionary, gripping, sumptuous and tantalizing, Grand Junction is a masterwork of hip, literary science fiction.

On October 4, 2057, most electronic devices on Earth are infected and destroyed by unknown viruses, and billions of people dependent on machine interfaces are killed as a result. Twelve years later, the survivors are sunk in a new Dark Age, a grim afterworld in which the only law is the law of the jungle.

In the sprawling ruins of Grand Junction, a thriving urban community centered on an abandoned spaceport, civilization is hanging on by its fingernails. In this last fragile outpost of knowledge and reason, hope and faith, a second wave of lethal viruses is unleashed—viruses that attack human beings directly, stripping away language, thought, humanity itself.

But it is also here that a young boy, a guitar-playing prodigy named Link de Nova, discovers within himself the power to fight a malevolent entity determined to remake the world in its own bleak image. Now, as the viruses spread and enemies converge on Grand Junction, Link and his friends and protectors, Chrysler Campbell and Yuri McCoy, prepare to fight for the survival of the human race with rifles, radios, and rock 'n' roll.
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