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The Culai Heritage (Misc)
Series: Misc
Genre: Fantasy
ISBN: 1892065177
Pages: 881 pages
Publisher: Meisha Merlin Publishing, Inc.
Price: $20.00
Reader Rating: Not rated
The Culai Heritage by Michael Scott

Description: "Bard, come forth; face me."
With these word Mannam, the Lord of the Dead, commands Paedur the Bard to become the champion of the Old Faith.
The Culai Heritage by Michael Scott is an omnibus collection of his three novels chronicling the adventures of the bard Paedur.
In Magician’s Law Paedur is commanded by Mannam, the Lord of the Dead, to remind the people of the old ways, which are dying out. Thus begins his adventure to travel the realms and through his thoughts, words, and deeds breath new life into the old ways. In doing so he will meet some of the most interesting people, and creatures, that live in these lands.
In Demon’s Law Paedur finds himself travelling across the bridge between life and death. For he has found that Mannam may not have been totally upfront with him about what is going on in the realms. For, if you are the Lord of the Dead, what better way to increase your power then by having men, and gods, fight? Now Paedur must take the fight directly to Mannam in his land of the dead.
In Death’s Law the power struggle between the old and the new ways still rages on. This time the lords themselves decide to join the fight personally, instead of simply guiding their worshipers. When the lords go to war, man is the loser. For what will be left of the realms when they are through unleashing their powers at each other. One man, Paedur the Bard; once champion of the old ways, stands between men and the lords.
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