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Jacinto's Remnant (Gears of War)
Series: Gears of War
Genre: SF
ISBN: 9781841497389
Reader Rating: Not rated
Jacinto's Remnant by Karen Traviss

Description: When the bestselling video game Gears of War was released in late 2006, it quickly became the fastest selling original Xbox title ever, and has since gone on to sell more than five million copies, received more than fifty industry awards, and has garnered high praise from critics and fans alike. And the first novel in the series was released at the end of last year, to coincide with the release of the second Gears of War video game.

With this terrific track record to build on, this is the second tie-in novel to be based on the Gears of War franchise. The massive Gears of War fan-base will be eager to see more in this series of original novels.

Also in this series are Anvil Gate, Aspho Fields, Coalition's End, The Slab Return to the Karen Traviss page.

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