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The Horse Lord (The Book of Years)
Series: The Book of Years
Volume: 1
Genre: Fantasy
ISBN: 0099489201
Reader Rating: 9 out of 10
Votes: 8
The Horse Lord by Peter Morwood

Description: The Clan Wars....

In the misty beginnings of time, when the Horse Lords came to Alba, they defeated the master sorcerer Kalarr cu Ruruc and banished magic from their land. Five hyndred years later a young Alban warrior called Aldric, heir to the great castle of Dunrath, returns from a drinking spree to find the castle sacked, his father and sisters murdered, his retainers and soldiers slaughtered.

The sorcerer has returned for his revenge.

The army of the undead....

As Aldric flees through the rain-soaked forests he is rescued by the retired wizard Gemmel and learns that he must train for three long years before he can face his enemy.

Then he must go to the Blue Mountains to confront the Mother of Storms, sail to the Island of Techaur to seize the Dragonward from the Cavern of the Firedrakes, and learn to wield the two-thousand-year-old sword, Widowmaker, before he is fit to challenge the magic of Kalarr, whose vermilion banners of war still float over the citadel that is Aldric's birthright.

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