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Diplomacy of Wolves (The Secret Texts)
Series: The Secret Texts
Volume: 1
Genre: Fantasy
ISBN: 0446607460
Pages: 416 pages
Publisher: Time Warner
Price: 6.5
Reader Rating: 8 out of 10
Votes: 3
Diplomacy of Wolves by Holly Lisle

Description: The Wolves within...

For four hundred years, the great Houses of Sabir and Galweigh have battled for control of Calimekka-while each clan's wizards, the Wolves, plot in shadows to revive the hellish necromancies that once destroyed the world.

Now at her cousin's royal wedding to the decadent House Dokteerak, a young diplomat named Kait Galweigh discovers a Sabir plot to ambush the entire House Galweigh. Suddenly Kait must escape an alien citadel pursued by mortal and demonic assassins. Her only hope is a secret weapon she dares not use: for Kait was born with a power so cursed that her own people will kill her if her nature is discovered.

But unless Kait's deadly magic is unleashed, her mortal enemies will crush Calimekka in a reign of unholy horror...

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