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Piratica III (Piratica)
Series: Piratica
Volume: 3
Genre: Fantasy
ISBN: 9780340930854
Pages: 396 pages
Publisher: Hodder Children's Books
Reader Rating: Not rated
Piratica III by Tanith Lee

Description: Piratica. Vol. III, The family sea : being the gallant tale of a fearless heroine and a fatal secret / presented most handsomely by the notorious Tanith Lee.

It's been eighteen months since Art's baby was born: a pretty child called Africa, with Felix's dark hair and Art's grey eyes. Now Art, who dreamed of being like her own loving, wonderful Ma, must face up to the fact that she has absolutely no warm feeling for her child. In fact - Art can't stand her! What's wrong with her? Beyond the family lies an unsettled world too. The French are still waging war, and England has fallen out of love with pirates. Piratomania has been suppressed by the government and Art and Felix are evicted from their cliff-top mansion. The return of Ebad and the new and improved Unwelcome Stranger prompts Art to regroup her ragtag crew and sail once again across the oceans, through wild weather, bizarre places and riotous sea battles, to return to the Treasured Isle and learn the ultimate true secret behind the treasure and the mystery of why Art can't love her child

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