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Spirit Fox (Misc)
Series: Misc
Genre: Fantasy
ISBN: 0886778069
Publisher: DAW Books Inc.
Price: 23.95
Reader Rating: Not rated
Spirit Fox by Mickey Zucker Reichert & Jennifer Wingert

Description: Veteran DAW fantasy author Mickey Zucker Reichert joins with talented newcomer Jennifer Wingert to tell the story of a magic-filled land, where a war between the god and goddess has led to a war among mortals, and the reconciliation of the immortals brings peace to mortals as well. But even in peace there is peril, especially for Kiarda, a young woman of noble lineage destined to be spirit-linked to a fox at birth. When the fox is killed before they bond, its spirit has nowhere to go but into Kiarda's body. This unfortunate event will in time lead her to seeming madness, and her people to the brink of a new and far more devastating war!
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