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The Rock of Realm (Fantasy Young Adult)
Series: Fantasy Young Adult
Genre: Fantasy
ISBN: 1932993088
Pages: 240 pages
Publisher: Star Publish
Price: 12.99
Reader Rating: Not rated
The Rock of Realm by Lea Schizas

Description: Alexandra Stone believed herself a normal teen with an appetite for adventure. Well, wasn't she surprised to find herself transported to this whole new world she didn't know existed...and that she was the princess.

Along with her best friend and two pets, Alex must now fight the dangerous elements within Dread's Forest and find their way back home safely before the Brags find them. Only thing is, the villain she is fighting against is her Uncle...and Alex has a sneaky suspicion something's terribly wrong with him.

Will she stand alongside her uncle and fight the Braks, or continue on their way to Rock Kingdom and transport back home?
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