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Sails and Sorcery (Multi-Author Anthology)
Series: Multi-Author Anthology
Genre: Fantasy
ISBN: 0971360898
Pages: 420 pages
Publisher: Fantasist Enterprises
Price: 20.00
Reader Rating: Not rated
Sails and Sorcery by Danielle Ackley-McPhail

Description: Mermaids. Pirates. Flying ships. Creatures from the deep. Magic beyond your wildest dreams.

The sea is a dangerous and wonderful realm. It calls to many, promising riches, adventure, or freedom. But just as there are beautiful and remarkable treasures to be found upon and below the waves, do not underestimate the dangers hidden within its depths.

So polish your cutlass and prepare your spells for what awaits. Embark upon a journey across leagues of unimaginable adventure. Ride the waves to mystery and magic.

“When you hold a pirate book in your hands, the sea between the covers is never quite big enough, or the voyage long enough . . . you want it all to go on forever. But this anthology manages to satisfy the hungriest adventure-craver. Filled with tales of magic, swashbuckling, and more than a dash of danger, it is a feast for discerning readers.”—Jean Rabe, , author of The Finest series from Tor, co-editor of Pirates of the Blue Kingdoms from Popcorn Press

Also in this series are Bad-Ass Faeries, Dark Furies, Hear Them Roar, Bad-Ass Faeries 2: Just Plain Bad, So It Begins, Bad-Ass Faeries 3: In All Their Glory Return to the Danielle Ackley-McPhail page.

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