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Warrior (Hythrun Chronicles: Wolfblade Trilogy)
Series: Hythrun Chronicles: Wolfblade Trilogy
Volume: 2
Genre: Fantasy
ISBN: 0765309904
Publisher: Tor Books
Price: $25.95
Reader Rating: Not rated
Warrior by Jennifer Fallon

Description: It is eight years since Marla Wolfblade buried her second husband. In that time, she has become the power behind Hythria's throne - as much from a desire to control her own destiny in any way she can, as to protect her son, young Damin.

But while Marla plays the games of politics and diplomacy, the High Arrion of the Sorcerers' Collective is plotting to destroy her - and the entire Wolfblade line.

And while Marla's power and fortune are great, they may yet not be enough to protect herself and her family from the High Arrion's wrath - and her only ally and confidant, Elezaar the Fool, is toying with the idea of betrayal.

For he has discovered that the infamous Rules of Gaining and Wielding Power are not so useful when his own family is involved…

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