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Ghosthunters And The Incredibly Revolting Ghost (Ghosthunters)
Series: Ghosthunters
Genre: Fantasy
ISBN: 0439833086
Publisher: The Chicken House
Price: $2.99
Reader Rating: Not rated
Ghosthunters And The Incredibly Revolting Ghost by Cornelia Funke

Description: This is a cute little twist to the haunted house/ghost hunter type of story...in Ghosthunter's and the Incredibly Revolting Ghost we met Tom (9 years old BTW) who has a few problems of his own (besides the ASG that he's just discovered in the cellar of his apartment building...that's an ASG is an Average Spooky Ghost, for those not in the know). Tom's a bit of a klutz, his sister's always picking on him (she is a BIG sister after all), and his parent's are a little worried about his strange behavior...lucky for Tom, his grandmother is a bit more understanding AND happens to be best buds with one of the best ghost hunters around! Under her supervision, Tom is taught the tools of the trade (hot water bottles, mirrors, Mozart music, ect...) to rid is cellar of the ASG...and he's quite successful until he discovers that his ASG has been evicted from his normal haunt by a IRG (incredibly REVOLTING ghost) and would really like to go back home...what ensues is exactly what the title suggests!

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