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Darkscape: Redemption (Darkscape)
Series: Darkscape
Volume: 2
Genre: Fantasy
Reader Rating: Not rated
Darkscape: Redemption by R. Garland Gray

Description: At the crossway of the stars lies a haunting darknessā€¦
Declan de Douglas wanted them all. Once a rogue warship commander, now dubbed the Douglas Savage, he seeks atonement for past sins by serving the clan he almost destroyed. A sudden attack, a terrible injury, and he is collared, and sold into a brothel's slavery.
To strengthen clan ties, Princess Fallon MacKendrick finds herself betrothed to a man she detests. A chance meeting with the enigmatic Douglas Savage and Fallon is determined to find a way out of the betrothal contract and have him for her consort. Except finding him in an offworld brothel - a victim of an identity wash - pulls her into a nightmarish plot instead.
Theirs is a dangerous journey across hostile star systems where a sweeping vengeance threatens the tenuous peace. And where battles of the heart and body kindle a hot and forbidden passion. But even true love may not be enough to light the shadows in a warrior's dark soul nor save a princess's lonely heartā€¦

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