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Chess With a Dragon (Misc)
Series: Misc
Genre: SF
ISBN: 0380706628
Publisher: Avon
Reader Rating: Not rated
Chess With a Dragon by David Gerrold

Description: The entire human race is in hock to insectoid aliens in this new novel from SF author and Star Trek writer Gerrold. Suckered into debt by the galactic InterChange, junior member Earth is about to become an indentured race to aliens whose idea of sportsmanship comprises the winner eatings the loser. Wising up quickly, Terran diplomat Yake Singh Browne realizes that the InterChange isn't the altruistic government it seems but something closer to cutthroat poker, where individual players make up their own rules. This playful, intricate game of survival, told from the points of view of several different races, is one of Gerrold's best books. Its touch of the macabre spices his light, inventive story. Ages 10-up.
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