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Blood and Fire (Voyage of the Star Wolf)
Series: Voyage of the Star Wolf
Volume: 3
Genre: SF
ISBN: 1932100113
Pages: 208 pages
Publisher: BenBella Books
Price: 14.95
Reader Rating: Not rated
Blood and Fire by David Gerrold

Description: Gerrold, who wrote the famous Star Trek episode 'The Trouble with Tribbles,' originally pitched this story as an AIDS metaphor to Star Trek: The Next Generation. It almost got made but died because of staff objections. Nearly 20 years later, Gerrold has reworked it for his own sf series chronicling the adventures of the starship Star Wolf. Ship's commander Jon Korie serves under Captain Parsons (Star Wolf captains tend to meet ill fates), whom he likes and respects. When Star Wolf stumbles across the starship Norway, apparently adrift on a collision course with a star, Korie takes a team to investigate and search for survivors. What they find are blood worms, parasites so deadly that, according to Alliance law, infected ships are to be destroyed. Parsons isn't willing to give up on the crew, even if it means risking her command. An exciting space adventure with a poignant metaphor at its core. The TV series' loss is Gerrold's novel's gain.

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